Kimber USB Kabel KS USB CU

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Digitalkabel USB A-B, Länge 1,0 Meter
....stimmig und musikalisch, ausgewogen und zugleich herrlich filigran verästelt. Viel High-End, ein sehr guter Verbinder 
  • USB 2.0 format USB cable
  • Kimber Select cable geometry
  • Data conductors feature advanced silver plated copper with low density PTFE insulation
  • Pure silver foil shielding for low RF impedance to ground
  • Pure copper conductors used for 5V DC line
  • Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene fibres are braided to maintain consistent geometry
  • Type A, B and C plugs available with hand-polished wood accents
  • Highly flexible geometry means the cable is easy to route
  • Cables available in lengths from 0.5m – 6m
  • Hand built at the Kimber factory
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